Rewards have shipped!

I began the last update by saying that I was excited to announce that we were almost ready to ship. Well that was several weeks ago, and we once again learned that things are almost always going to take longer than expected. However, this time I waited until the packages were safely in the mail before posting an update; so I can now say with certainty that your rewards are on their way.

I want to thank you all for your continued patience and support while we have been working to fulfill these orders. We have learned so much and we are all extremely grateful for your contribution; we can’t thank you enough for giving us the opportunity to make the dream of Clipboard+ a reality.

Not only are you our financial backers, but you also get the opportunity to be our beta testers. In the letter included with your reward I explain how important your feedback is to us. So please don’t hesitate to contact us with any issues, ideas, or other feedback you might have.

Thanks again for supporting Clipboard+!

Keep an eye out for your reward! (Photo courtesy of one of our backers, Caroline Radvansky)



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