New website is now live, and other updates

This morning, we launched the long awaited update to our website. Not only is the site brand new, but it also is the first time we’ve shown pictures of our updated iPad clipboard to the public.

About a week ago we were in a town just outside of Pittsburgh, PA visiting the manufacturing facility where Clipboard+ is made. We met with the people in charge of our project and went over the final details necessary for getting our product from their plant and into your hands. After a tour of the facility we went back to the office to nail down exactly how our products need to be packed for shipment to the fulfillment warehouse. I included some pictures from the trip at the bottom of this post.

We finalized our packaging design over the weekend and the boxes should reach our manufacturer in two weeks. We will send out an update once the product is ready to ship. In the meantime, always feel free to send me an email with any questions or comments you might have at

A view outside

on the floor

work in process

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