New Product/Website Update

After shipping the Kickstarter orders, teams are faced with taking the next steps for their product. Right now we are in that post-Kickstarter phase.

We knew that in order to go forward with Clipboard+ we would need to:
-Update the product
-Switch to a new manufacturer who could reliably produce our product
-Create retail-ready packaging
-Set up a network for distribution
-Overhaul the website to better represent our brand and our products
-Switch from self-fulfilling orders to an outsourced automated solution (Amazon Fulfillment)
-And a bunch of other stuff that I will lump together collectively as “Miscellaneous”

Anyway, for a little bit over the past month, Clipboard+ has been working out of Denver on all of these things. We successfully partnered with a new manufacturer based out of Pittsburgh who made improvements to design. We are super excited to be working with them and we are currently waiting to receive the samples of the new model. We decided on packaging for the product. The website (currently just a holder page), is done except for product photos of the product we are waiting to receive. We set up fulfillment through Amazon, which is something I am most excited about because it will save a ton of money, and more significantly save us a ton of time running to the post office. As far as “Miscellaneous” goes, you probably don’t want to read about “Miscellaneous”, but it’s going good.

There was an unexpected delay with the material used in our shock absorbant foam liner, so right now we are shooting to have our product available in early September. If you have any questions, send me an email at


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