Contest: 101 Uses for Clipboard+

The Gestalt Theory, which can be easily understood in regards to art as well as philosophy, is the idea the “the whole is other than sum of its parts” (As I’ve found out, its often mistranslated as “greater than” but still…)

Clipboard+ isn’t just a clipboard.
And it ain’t just an accessory either.

It is more than a clipboard that can hold your mobile device.
Its a way to mobilize your desk. A way to change the way you work.

And there’s more!

The Clipboard+Smartphone’s suction cup technology is ideal for chameleon-esque utility-shifting for whatever situation you’re in.

Need to study while headed to the shower? Clipboard+ShowerCaddy.

Need to go over those presentation notes while spending time outdoors? Clipboard+Baseball Mitt.

Gotta double-check that write-up and grab your pal a brew?
Clipboard+Party Time

 Reviewing your notes while getting yourself fresh in the morning?
Clipboard+Deodorant Applicator

The Contest

We’ve come up with plenty of these ideas for out-of-the-box uses for Clipboard+, plenty of them silly, and a few of them practical.
What other ideas can you think of? We’re trying to count as many as 101 uses for the Clipboard+ and we could use all the help we can get! Please comment, tweet (@clipboard_plus), or post your ideas on our facebook page.

Great ideas will be rewarded with a shout-out on the blog including a picture of the Clipboard+Your Idea in action!
In addition, all creative, original ideas new ways to use the products will be judged by the Clipboard+ team, weekly champions will win a free Clipboard+Smartphone!
Once you have it in your hands, I’m sure you’ll find great use for your Clipboard+, whether attaching your smartphone, hanging a masterpiece on the wall (the suction cup makes the Clipboard+ an ideal temporary picture frame!) or anything you can imagine.

Thanks for reading! We can’t wait to see what we’re sure will be some incredibly creative submissions!

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